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Most Dangerous Celebrities to Search Online

August 20, 2010 9:26 AM

Most Dangerous Celebrities to Search OnlineIf you are a huge fan of Cameron Diaz or Julia Roberts and always look out for them online, beware! The stars top the list of most dangerous celebrities to search for online, according to one of the most popular computer security firm McAfee.

These celebrities are highly sought after on the Internet and bad elements can use the search keywords related to them to lure people to visit the malicious websites. Many people visit these sites and their computers get infected. Once a computer gets infected, bad elements can steal victim’s vital information, such as their online banking password, email credentials and other data.

The most dangerous celebrities to search online, according to a study by McAfee for this year are:

1. Cameron Diaz

2. Julia Roberts

3. Jessica Biel

4. Gisele B√ľndchen

5. Brad Pitt

6. Adriana Lima

7. Jennifer Love Hewitt, Nicole Kidman

8. Tom Cruise

9. Heidi Klum, Penelope Cruz

10. Anna Paquin

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